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The Goalkeeper App Features

If you are the type of goalkeeper who wants to take control of their own development, then be one of the first in world to use this tool to take ownership of your performance. The majority of a goalkeeper's development occurs when a goalkeeper works on their own. It is ideal to have a goalkeeper trainer, however, not every goalkeeper has access to a specific goalkeeper trainer. NOW YOU DO. We have designed structured training sessions for goalkeepers to do on their own requiring minimal equipment necessary. A server would be great to have, but not necessary. Now there are no excuses to not develop for yourself and your team.

12 Training Sessions Each Month

Why only 12 training sessions each month? Typically goalkeepers train with their team 3 times a week. If there is no goalkeeper trainer there to help with you, then you can get caught standing off to the side. Now you have The Goalkeeper App that you can use on your own. If you are included in your team trainings with the field players, great. Now you have goalkeeping specific training you can do either before or after your training to become a better player. In each training session you will have diagrams of how to set up the exercise, videos of how to perform the exercise, and coaching points to pay attention to while working on each exercise.


Technique Videos

We teach a variety of techniques on The Goalkeeper App because not every scenario is the same in the game. By having multiple different techniques a goalkeeper can discover the type of goalkeeper they want to be. We encourage certain techniques over others, but ultimately the goalkeeper needs to choose what works best for them. Within these videos there are detailed explanations of what to look for and how to improve on your technique. 

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