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Our Club Partnerships

We have developed The Goalkeeper App in mind for both the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper trainer. Most clubs offer goalkeeping training which is essential, however, the trainer may only see his goalkeepers once a week due to the volume of goalkeepers. So here is how The Goalkeeper App will help enhance the lives of the clubs goalkeeper trainer.

12 Training Sessions Created

The clubs goalkeeper trainer does not need to create any supplemental training sessions for their goalkeepers. Each month Sean Clancy of Top Tier Goalkeeping will have 12 training sessions created for an easy to follow session.


Messaging Capabilities

All of the clubs goalkeepers will have the ability to upload a video of them performing each exercise. After they have uploaded a video for their record, the club's goalkeeping coach/admin will have access to the video to analyze and give feedback to help improve the goalkeeper's development on their own.

Goalkeepers get the feedback they are looking for and coaches can see who is truly working on their development.

Our Club Pricing

We want this to be an additional resource without bankrupting the club. Below is our club/school pricing for the year for The Goalkeeper App. 

$1,200 (data storage fee) + $50/goalkeeper access

If you are a smaller club or feel like you do not need access for these professional resources for the full year, please fill out the inquiry below to get in touch with a representative and we will discuss possible solutions to fit your club/teams needs. 

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